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Our Story & Mission


In 2017,  Jono Spark and Chris Penny of Hello Sunday Cafe (at the time) asked me to take on the job of installing and maintaining hundreds of indoor plants for their new restaurant. I was growing microgreens for chefs in the city at the time so I was a naturally interested in horticulture and hospitality. This restaurant which was named '5th Street' was an instant hit with Christchurch locals and didn't take long to become an institution of the scene.

The plants elevate the bold and brave interior design, with unmatched seasonal food and genuinely warm friendly service, this place is the best! 

After 5th Street's success and appeal I began getting asked to do more indoor plant installations and maintenance. This was great for me as I love working with plants and the reward of working with people over time to get a result.

I grew up here in Christchurch and I have experienced the trials of the last decade in this city.

My plants are locally sourced according to my experience with what works best in our climate. 

I am a qualified carpenter so designing, building and installing planter boxes, hanging baskets and feature plant elements is my specialty. I believe I can save businesses money on planty projects by getting involving early on to make a sustainable maintenance plan to keep thriving plants and do it right the first time.

I sell plants and plant supplies at various markets in Christchurch including Izzy's Market, The Nifty Markets, Garden City Makete, The Gatewood, and The Green Lane Markets. These are Christchurch's best art, craft and vintage markets which I would highly recommend following on social media to be kept up to date so you can get along to these unique event markets. 

Most of the time you will find me out in central Christchurch watering and maintaining indoor plants for my clients in the city. I'm working with businesses to grow plants in their spaces to create the desired look while taking away the stress of caring for them. Firstly choosing the appropriate plants for the situation then supporting them to grow with the correct maintenance.

My mission is to bring 'The Garden City' to the indoor spaces of Christchurch, working with business owners to grow healthy plants in their spaces. I really enjoy working in spaces which can be enjoyed by the public. 

​The horticulture industry is responsible for creating a huge amount of new plastic. I am doing my bit to try and give this plastic a second life before it is dumped or recycled. I aim to reduce and eventually eliminate single-use plastic within our space. By only buying plastic pots made from 90% recycled material (TEKU Brand made in Germany), we majorly reduce our consumption of new plastic. Our old plastic pots are returned to the nurseries where they can be reused, along with the plant tags.

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