​Indoor plants for Christchurch
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I am Ben Murgatroyd of Monstera and Men. I am dedicated to ensuring the people of Christchurch build a positive relationship with their houseplants. I specialise in growing indoor jungles for hospitality and public spaces in Christchurch city. I grew up in the city and I have experienced the trials of the last decade along with you.


You, the people of Christchurch, are why I love this city.

So that’s why I'm working together with you on this one.

My plants are locally sourced according to my experience with what works best in our climate. Working with local suppliers and businesses allows me to keep a finger on the pulse of Christchurch as a whole.

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House plants

without chemicals.

I am proud to say that I will only use organic material for my potting mix, pesticide and fertiliser.

Time's up for plastic.

The horticulture industry is responsible for creating a huge amount of new plastic. We are doing our bit to try and give this plastic a second life before it is dumped or recycled.

We aim to reduce and eventually eliminate single-use plastic within our space. By only buying plastic pots made from 90% recycled material (TEKU Brand made in Germany), we are able to majorly reduce our consumption of new plastic.
We will also take any old pots you are thinking of dumping!
Old plastic pots are returned to the nurseries where they can be reused, along with the plant tags.


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